Rapid appraisal

How it works

The Sustain Rapid Appraisal offers organisations a refreshing new way of benchmarking their progress. It is based on a process of informal and supportive enquiry, and sees Sustain staff spend as little as two days on site. You will receive a robust, high impact report around three weeks later.


Tailored to your needs

Working together with you, we will identify the key areas for enquiry and develop a specially tailored diagnostic with which we can benchmark your service. After identifying the small amount of information we will need, such as policies, service specifications and performance reports, we will draw up a schedule of interviews and meetings which will take place during the appraisal. We make sure any requests for information are kept to a minimum so that the process does not impact on your existing commitments.
We are able to work within an individual area in a single organisation or across multiple services spread over a region.

Carrying out the appraisal

We handpick a dedicated team with specific expertise in your sector who will visit your premises over two days to observe your current practices, meet staff and gather evidence. Depending on your particular circumstances, we might look at your organisation’s culture, its relationships with key stakeholders and the support it receives externally.
After a week of off-site review and reflection, we will complete another day of on-site discussions and appraisal, and bring in peer reviewers where appropriate.

Feeding back our findings

You will receive a report which: 

  • gives an overarching view of your organisation and the specific project which has been appraised
  • includes a self-assessment of your current position and aims for the future where appropriate
  • identifies areas of good practice
  • highlights areas where further action may be necessary 

Easy to digest, the report will use a series of dashboards to illustrate the findings of the appraisal, giving it immediate impact and value. It will usually be complete within eight days.

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