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"I have never completed an evaluation form genuinely thinking there as nothing which could be added to improve the course. A fantastic course which will positively influence my home and workplace."

Health Visitor, Sustain STEPS® to Excellence delegate

"My confidence in my own abilities has increased, and I feel much more able to talk to patients and colleagues. I really enjoyed the Sustain STEPS® course and would recommend it to anyone, and feel it has helped make me much better at my job."

Lucy Softley, Healthcare Assistant

"The Sustain Rapid Appraisal ensured all levels within an organisation have a voice while enabling health visiting services to gain an understanding of where they are now and where they need to go. It underlined the importance of retaining focus on successfully leading the Healthy Child Programme and achieving positive outcomes for children and families."

Clare Devlin, Health Visitor

"Sustain’s reviews have given us a real insight into the relative position of each of our services and allowed us to relate workforce growth to improvements in service. They have formed the basis of the handover of the health visitor programme into the new architecture and will allow commissioners to understand how their investment is delivering a call to action."

Ruth May, Regional Chief Nurse with NHS England Midlands and East

"Working wtith Sustain on the maternal mental health project has really helped Suffolk County Council to galvanise all the commissioners and providers to come together to discuss this important pathway. Sustain helped to forge these relationships through their unique style of project management, resulting in the project group continuing this work post the pilot. They really do what their name suggests - enable sustainability. We are very grateful to Sustain for their work and are commissioning them to help us work together on another pathway."

Sharon Palmer, Lead Commissioner CYP, Public Health, Suffolk County Council

"(Sustain’s rapid appraisal) was punchy yet robust, and gave us incredibly useful information without placing too great a time burden on each of our providers.

It was also the only appraisal to include a peer review element, which is incredibly important for the ongoing development of our staff. Everyone who took part in that process described it as enormously valuable as it gave them a fantastic opportunity to share learning and best practice across different services."

Kathy Branson, former Health Visiting and Midwifery Workforce Programme Lead with NHS Midlands and East

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