Sustain STEPS®

The Sustain STEPS® programme

The complete Sustain STEPS® to Excellence programme is made up of four linked elements which will give your organisation the expertise to successfully deliver and continuously improve the course.

They are:

  • The Sustain STEPS® course
  • The Sustain STEPS® facilitator course
  • Our quality process
  • Ongoing development


Sustain STEPS® course

This engaging and interactive three-day course is suitable for staff at all levels of your organisation, and aims to equip them with:
  • extra motivation and self-belief to take on the challenges facing their profession
  • the confidence to deal with change and reach their full potential
  • the ability to improve their working relationships
  • greater expectations of success and higher self-efficacy
  • an improved ability to set goals and think more effectively
  • a better understanding of the impact of their own behaviour 
We are able to deliver bespoke packages for more than ten delegates, or alternatively can arrange places on nearby courses for smaller groups. Please visit the more information section for further details.


Sustain STEPS® facilitator course

The Sustain STEPS® facilitator course gives individuals within your organisation the expertise and knowledge to deliver the internal course to colleagues. As well as building in-house capacity, this ensures the course is tailored to the culture, environment, practices and challenges within your organisation and the wider profession, in turn making it highly effective.
To qualify to deliver the Sustain STEPS® facilitator course, participants must first complete the three-day Sustain STEPS® course followed by a four-day ‘train the trainer’ course.
As part of the train the trainer package, delegates will also receive:

  • one day of support on delivery of their first Sustain STEPS® to Excellence course in their organisation
  • an invitation to an annual development day which will give them the opportunity to share areas of learning, best practice and professional updates
  • dedicated support and site visits to ensure the quality and consistency of the course 

Please visit the more information section for further details.

Quality process

We recognise the need to ensure that your organisation continues to benefit from the programme, and are committed to maintaining a robust Sustain STEPS® client quality assurance process. This includes monitoring course evaluation feedback and providing on-site quality appraisals.
This will guarantee that your Sustain STEPS® facilitators continue to deliver a world class programme to you and your colleagues.

Ongoing development process

We are committed to a process of continuous improvement, product development and individual facilitator development, and make sure that courses are regularly refreshed and updated to reflect the changing needs of the profession.

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