Sustain STEPS®

Sustain STEPS® to Excellence is an effective, value-for-money, highly rated personal effectiveness package which has been specially adapted for a range of professions within the NHS and now being extended into the local government sector.
It gives organisations the chance to train staff at all levels as facilitators so that they can deliver the acclaimed programme internally to their colleagues.

The Sustain STEPS® course

Sustain STEPS® to Excellence is an engaging and interactive three-day course which is suitable for staff at all levels of your organisation.
It aims to give staff the motivation and self-belief they need to take on the challenges facing their profession while building confidence, helping improve their working relationships and giving a better understanding of the impact of their own behaviour.

The Sustain STEPS® programme

The complete Sustain STEPS® to Excellence programme is made up of four elements.

Together, they will give your organisation the expertise to successfully deliver and continuously improve the course.



We ensure our three-day course continues to reflect the current position within the profession by reviewing, refreshing and updating the course and its materials annually.

A development day also takes place each year to provide the latest information on modifications to course theory, material updates, toolbox revisions and profession-specific developments. The event also allows Sustain STEPS® facilitators to share ideas and network with other professionals in their field.

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